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Privacy policy

We take great care in respecting your privacy! This policy describes what personal information may be stored at our servers and details the choices made for storing certain information. By registering on this site you acknowledge that your login details will be stored in our database. To protect your information, all data is transmitted over secure connections.

Data collection

By visiting this website (or any other website) the webserver creates a log entry with your IP address, hostname, web browser and the webpage you visit. This information is not personal, i.e. it is not possible for us to identify a person or name by using this information. This information is automatically collected by the webserver and can also be automatically deleted after a certain amount of time. This information is not shared with anyone, except when it should be required by law.


This site does not use third party cookies. The only cookies we use are to remember your session (when you login) or for your language preference. These cookies are only available on this site.


Your password is encrypted with a random salt. This means we cannot recover your password because we do not store it, only an encrypted version of it.

E-mail and anonymous usage

Your e-mail address is not shared with anyone. We send an e-mail when you register and you get an e-mail when you request a password reset. We do not send other e-mails.

You can use this site anonymously with these guidelines: we recommed you upload your files through an anonymous VPN or TOR. Encrypt your files before uploading and set your uploads to private.

July 17, 2014