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What can I do on this site?

On this site you can store, share and backup your files and images. Simply upload files from your computer to our servers. You can upload pictures, movies, music, documents, programs, backups and pretty much everything else that is a file. Of course, it is strictly forbidden to share material for which you do not own the copyright, or material that is otherwise illegal in your country, or more general, not allowed in Europe.

Upload and download

To add files to your account press the button add files. You can add files as an anonymous user or by registering an account. Modern browser can resume file uploads within 72 hours, even after you close the webbrowser. To add files from remote web/ftp locations use the remote upload button. You can also upload (not download) files to the FTP server and add them to your filemanager using the FTP button. To use FileZilla enable the option: "Require explicit FTP over TLS" and make sure to transfer files in binary mode instead of ascii mode. There is no filesize limit.

FTP server: s1.safebox.link

Previews and virusscanner

Most videos and office documents can be viewed in the browser. Our system automatically converts and scans uploaded files. To watch videos in HD, a reasonable fast internet connection is needed.

Dashboard and settings

The dashboard shows your newest uploads and shows the last downloads of your files. From the settings page you can change your settings, such as whether comments or votes on your uploads are allowed. You can make new files private or public by default. You can also set some folder options by right clicking on a folder in the filemanager. You can set a custom subdomain for a folder using the filemanager.